Monday, January 3, 2011

I love this guy- Andrej Pejic

Yes, this is a MALE model! So unbelievably gorgeous, that words cannot really describe.
See for yourself.....

Name:Andrej Pejic
Height: 6'2
Age: 18
Scouted in: Melbourne, Australia

Look at those legs!!!!



  1. I really like him in the pic where he has dark thick hairbrows

  2. I didn't know him... very very, I just can't find the words to describe it! I bet he's a boy trapped in a girl's body... or vice-verse. oh god! he's beautiful indeed. I just hope he's happy :)

  3. You made a mistake there, Andrej Pejic is NOT from Croatia, He is from Serbia and that is totally and completely different..He is actually from one village called VOJSKA near Svilajnac in Serbia.

  4. he is born in Bosnia (Tuzla) not in Croatia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. His father is Croatian and mother is Serbian and country of origin is Bosnia-Herzegovina.
    I recently discovered him and I was impressed of his look, style and way of being. I mean, he's really calm and speaks with a warm voice..and when he was asked about sexual orientation he says that "maybe both attract me...but a comment is not relevant" So, he isn't gay.
    This is his account :)

  6. I just found this model today, and I am stunned. He is one of the most gorgeous male models I've seen in ages! And it makes me proud that he and I are both Bosnian.

  7. I just saw a commentary on CNN about this stunning, beautiful n handsome male model!!!!! An m still suprise for a guy to have all this features , m speechless.

  8. mezmerizeedddddd by him!

  9. I have better legs than him. Looking for an agent to sign me up to do commercials for stockings and pantyhose.



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