Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Girl Crush #5- Daisy Lowe

My computer is finally fixed! Thank God for Ebay and the fact that you can pretty much buy anything online, even adapter cords for older laptops like mine. Joy!

I haven't posted a "girl crush" in a I'll make this a good one.
I was just inspired by one of my favourite Irish blogs Blaubushka 's post on Daisy Lowe, so I thought that I would do one myself.

Name: Daisy Lowe
Birthday: Jan 27, 1989
Agency: Next models

She's the love child of Pearl Lowe and Gavin Rossdale, with "rocker" looks all her own. Daisy has taken the fashion world by storm, with her unique style and gorgeous doe eyes.  She has a body to die for, the most perfect breasts. If I were to get a "boob-job", a picture a Daisy's chest is what I would bring in!
lol :)



  1. She is definitely pretty! I dunno why I haven't noticed her before!
    Great post! :)


    1. I feel exactly the same..i dont know why i havent seen her,or heard of her but i have to say that as a male,she is as near to my perfect female visually.She has a beautiful face and i love her dress sense, especially the vintage clothes.I refuse to use any words that might be too crude..she is just 'the business', i forget his name,the chap out of 'supergrass who is daisy lowes partner, are a fortunate man.

    pearl lowe is who i meant..daisy lowe is the spit, what a darling..Pearl lowe is the one out there,on her lowe can i get?



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