Sunday, April 19, 2009

OK, so this is my first real blog.
And, well I guess it's starting on kind of a sad note. I want to talk about a death of a friend. That friend is DOMINO MAGAZINE.
Nothing would make me happier...... coming home after a long day at work, to find her waiting there for me. We would peruse through fabulous home furnishings together, while drinking our favourite wine. (well, it was really just me drinking, but that's not the point).
The point is that even though I couldn't afford more than half the stuff featured in the mag, Domino always inspired me to want more for myself...and well isn't that want friends are for? To inspire and motivate? Also I liked that she showed me what Drew Barrymore's house looks like.
Anyways, Domino...."the guide to living with style" is no longer with us, but to honour her (yes, it's a her), I will be adding a "10 things that make me happy" feature to my blog. This will highlight some of my favourite things, as well as some of my friends....after all, it is Stells and Co.


  1. keep up ur dreams girl.
    i'm sure, one day u could publish your own magazine and fulfill ur dreams..
    gud luck dear..
    i'm looking forward to read what kinda stuff that can make u happy..=)

  2. you could publish your own magazine but in the meantime, please add pix from Domino...just when you feel like it. It will be a nice little surprise. :)



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