Sunday, May 3, 2009

10 things that make me HAPPY!!!

Following in the grand Ole' DOMINO Mag tradition, (may she R.I.P)....... this is my list.
Stells-10 things that make me happy
To have a bath these days, seems to be a real luxury. Usually with everyone's busy schedule a quick hop on the shower seems to suffice.
Relaxing in a hot bath, is such a treat....and since my bathroom is more like an apothecary, I am able to whip up a new and exciting bath each time. Sometimes it's the scent of rose or vanilla; eucalyptus when I'm feeling ill...whatever the choice, I always feel better after taking a bath. This, (in my opinion) is one of the reasons why it is called the "bath-room" not the "shower-room"...showers just don't live up to the all mighty bath.
2.Beauty Products
I'm obsessed! What else can I say? Being a hairstylist, I have a TON of styling aids. Really, a ton. I'm always trying new products, as well as, using my trusted favourites. Nothing brings me such enthusiasm as opening up my makeup case to look at all my new goodies! The whole reason I started taking makeup lessons, was just to go out and build myself a kit. I love transforming myself and being part of the transformation of others. There is a reason why lipstick sales go up in hard financial just makes you feel good!!!
Taking pictures is my favourite hobby. I first began to experiment with photography in high school, and it is a passion that has stayed with me ever since. I have used the traditional 35mm camera, digital, and my new favourite...the Holga. I love the grainy, dream-like quality pics of my Holga camera. The only down-side is that it is really expensive to develop these pictures, so if anyone knows of a cheap place to develop 12o film, please let me know in the comments section. Anyways, whether I'm travelling or out with friends, I love to bring my camera with me to capture these little fragments of time, that I so enjoy.
4. Music
Music has always been a huge influence in my life. Some of my favourite bands are:
5. TEA
One quirky fact about me, is that I don't drink coffee. My closet friends have never understood that about me. One thing they do understand is that I love tea! I am pretty much always drinking some kind of tea. The Tazo brand teas are my favourite. It's the only reason that I ever go into a Starbucks. Celestial Seasonings also make one of my favourites...."Vanilla-Ginger-Green" tea. Sooooo good. Sunday mornings you will always find me drinking tea in my housecoat and slippers.....sheer bliss!
6. Sunday Brunch
Brunch is by far my favourite mealtime ever. It doesn't have to be on a Sunday...but it is the most enjoyable day of the week to dine..... brunch styles. I have my favourites in the city (which I will mention in a future post dedicated strictly on brunch). It is the best when surrounded by friends, discussing the events/debauchery that happened the night before.
I do love a Mimosa (or two) with brunch...again it is such a luxury for me to enjoy a good meal. Any suggestions on places to go? Let me know...leave a comment.
7. Travelling
I try to do two trips a year. I love to see and experience different places and cultures. I tend to like to go to big cities, because there is always so much to see and do. New York city and the UK are my favourite places to go and I tend to go back year after year. I love breaking free of my daily routines, and nothing is more inspiring than to be in a foreign place that takes your breath away.
8. Warm Hugs
I wouldn't describe myself as a mushy person. In fact, I don't really like a lot of PDA's. I do however like a nice warm hug. My best friend Frankie gives the best. I used to call him "Sir Huggsalot", because he's always hugging people. This one of the reasons that he's my BFF.
9. Going to the movies
Ever since I was a child, I have always loved going to the movies. The first movie that I saw in the theatre was Bambi.
I loved that Mom said that I cried...I don't remember that.
Anyways, my sister Allyson, my good friend Erin and I have a little movie club, (they don't know it's a club, I just like to think of it that way). We tend to go to the movies on pretty much a weekly basis. After standing on my feet for almost 10 hours per day, having an excuse to sit and do nothing but be entertained suits me just fine. Just to let you all know...Clive Owen is my boyfriend,..... and well James McAvoy is my boyfriend too.
10. Wine
Finally, last on my list of "ten things that make me happy" is wine. I have come to really love wine. I am by no means an expert, but that doesn't lesson my appreciation of the sweet, (usually dry) nectar. I started drinking wine after developing an allergy to beer. It is now my drink of choice. I love sparkling first some friends used to laugh that I'd bring Champagne to house parties; I have converted many of them to share in my love. I should invest in shares of Yellow Tail Bubbles. It may not be the finest, most expensive bubbly on the market, but it sure does make me happy...and well this is what this list is all about, non?
I hope that you have enjoyed this post. I will share some of my friends list's in the next couple of months.


  1. Totally love your top ten things that make you happy! Love also the pics you posted. just not sure why madonna is not in your list of Music you love??? LOL!

  2. Who knew you did not like coffee?! We have that in common and pretty much everything else on your list.
    p.s. the bathtub on the picture looks divine.

  3. Great taste in music!
    Amazing list...some of my faves too!

  4. Great list! I think I'll go treat myself to a bath now!



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