Monday, June 1, 2009

3 products that I'm in love with right now!

OK, so looking good is all about using the products that are right for you. I am always testing out and reviewing new products that are on the market. Drug store and high-end. I have stumbled upon three that I am absolutely in love with.
The first is an eye cream from Aveda. It is part of their "Green Science" line of skincare. Eye cream is very important, especially for people who have dry, delicate skin like myself. If you do have this type of skin, you know very well that it has a tendency to show fine lines.
It's main plant-derived ingredients are: Lady's Thistle, organic Argan oil (from the nut of the fruit, found on the Argan tree.... native to Morocco), and a Cactus hydrate and smooth out fine lines. Place a small amount on your fingertips, and dab along the eye bone, moving up around the part just under your eyebrow. Never put eye cream directly on the eyelid itself, the skin is much to thin and delicate. Placing it just around the eye, lets the proper amount of product absorb into the eye area itself.
The second is a wave spray by Sally Hershberger. You can find her line at Shoppers Drug Mart, here in Canada, and in Walgreens in the U.S. It retails for around $12.99 and it is worth every penny. I was happy to see that Sally developed a product that was accessible to the everyday public. (Considering hair appointments with Sally Hershberger can cost up to $800). I stick with her $12.99 wave spray, thanks.
Ingredients include: Jojoba seed oil, Meadowfoam seed oil and sea salt. Now for my own hair, I first apply my Be Curly Curl Control, (yes to damp hair...even though it is a finishing wonderfully) and then spray the wave spray through out my hair and scrunch. I was looking for a product like this for a longtime and I am very excited to try the rest of the Sally Hershberger line!
Lastly, the third product is my new summer fragrance. It is "Stella Sheer", released in March 2009. I have been a fan of the original "Stella" perfume for many years. I kinda see it as my signature scent. So, I was a little skeptical that I would like her new sheer fragrance as much. But with its rose notes, lemony zest, and calming amber is hard not to be swept away. I just love the fact that it is a sheerer scent, nice and light for the summer. Brilliant!


  1. Great review of each product!

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  3. very nice , and excellent choices

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