Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A couple products I'm into right now...

I have nothing but great things to say about Neutrogena's "All-in-one make-up removing cleansing wipes". They are simply fantastic.... kinda like the Rolls Royce of cleansing wipes. (At least for drugstore brands anyways). These wipes are oil-free and suitable even for sensitive skin. These wipes are SO silky and leave no remaining residue on the skin.
They are however, more expensive then some of the more generic brands, but worth every penny. Every time I see them on sale, I stock up!
Another product that I really love right now is, Aveda's "Suncare After-sun masque" It is very moisturizing and smells fantastic. Loaded with protiens, and moisturising agents, as well as, green tea extract to help defend against free radicals. Other goodies listed in this product are : tamanu oil, organic shea butter, coconut nut oil and vitamin E.
I use this masque twice a week to help my dry, curly hair look alive again. You don't have to wait until you have been in the sun to give your hair some love!
Side note: I really enjoy writing about beauty products that I'm crazy about. I hope that you enjoy reading them. If there is any type of product you would like featured, leave a comment and I can tell you about my favourites in that category.


  1. Thanks for the wipes recommendation......I love them!!! They were on sale the other day....half the price at shoppers. Thought of you!!!!xoxo

  2. i am going to buy them thx Stell xo



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