Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wedding Fever

Today, I attended my first Italian bridal shower. Let me tell you the magnitude and the attention to detail amazed me. Not to mention the FOOD! Holy cow, I will not need to eat for a week! It was lovely to see my friend's family and friends come together to celebrate the coming of her special day. It was a real sisterhood......I was so glad to have been invited..........all in all, a lovely day.
So, with weddings on the brain, I'm dedicating this posts to all the brides to be. One of my clients, who is also getting married, told me of an amazing website regarding all things bridal.
This website has really thought of everything! And as most of you reading this will know, there is a LOT to do in preparing one's wedding day. Stells and Co. is very impressed with "The Knot". Now, I feel like looking at big diamond I mean, come on...they are a girl's best friend!

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