Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I want his hair

Nick Cave's son, model Jethro Cave seems to really be in demand these days. He's different and Stells and co. finds him quite striking. Not to mention that I really want his hair!
That might seem weird, but our textures are pretty much the same and I've been thinking of doing another undercut into my hairstyle. (Had a small one almost a year age on the right side of the temple...thinking something a little more know before my 30th birthday).....
He's not your typical "pretty boy"....yet he's "o"-so-pretty!!! Check out more pics of Jethro at
photographer: Hedi Slimane


  1. ooh i liked the little shaved bit you had. that much though? just get a chelsea!

  2. no, not that much....but some sort of undercut.
    Can you really picture me with a chelsea???



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