Friday, July 31, 2009

Tommy Guns

So, I have one more day of work....thank the Lord. The last couple of days before a vacation seem to take forever!!!! I've daydreaming a lot about all the cool things that I can buy in the UK when I arrive on Monday. One of the first things I will do, (once I'm in Manchester) is go to Boots. Boots is the best drugstore I have ever set foot in. I am like a kid in a candy store. My sister, on more than one occasion, has had to litterly drag me out of there. Boots carries one of my all-time favourite shampoo and conditioner, made by Tommy Guns. The Pomegranate and Orange flower shampoo and conditioner, for fine hair is amazing! I can not say enough positive things about these products. They smell divine and leave my hair moisturized, yet not "weighed down". I think I will try some of their styling products this time as well! xo, S. Here's a link to the Tommy Guns salon website. SO cool, with their vintage barber vibe.

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