Thursday, August 20, 2009


I know that I have mentioned my love for UK drugstore, "Boots" many times....but I just wanted to mention a few products that I bought over there, that I think are fantastic!!!
First is a water-based liptint by Bourjois. (Based out of Paris). "Rouge Hi-Tech", is a light weight lip stain, that comes in a wide selection of colours. The one that I picked up is called "Rouge Futuriste #82". It is a really sheer cherry red with a slight orange pretty on the lips. And the little sponge applicator is so cute... I should have bought two!!......Maybe Sephora over here sells them, I will have to check. Anyways, a liptint is a nice alternative to gloss or lipstick, for days when you would like some colour but don't feel like anything too creamy on the lips.
The other product I want to mention, came at a bit of a surprise. I was looking for a shower gel, because the one at my hotel was way too fragrant, it smelt like over powering cologne.
So, I was looking at all the different ones for sale, and stumbled upon the Pears shower gel. I only picked it up, because I remember using the pears transparent soap as a child. I really couldn't get over how fresh it smelled. It's not exactly the same as the bar of soap, and I have to say that I much prefer the smell of the shower gel. It is PH balanced and is great even for the most sensitive of skin. When looking for pics of the shower gel, I came across some old poster advertisements for Pears. Check these two out...Killer!

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  1. I love that liptint...such great packaging and great colour...xo



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