Monday, September 7, 2009

Mad Men- hairstyles for today

Mad Men is now in season 3. Have you all been watching and eating up all the fashions from the 1950's/early 1960's? For me, being a's all about the hair!
It seems like a lot of men have been cluing in as well. I've noticed in the salon that more and more men are wanting to change their hairstyle to something a little more "classic". I've even been told (on more than one occasion) that they want a style that's a little more "Don Draper". I happily oblige.
A stylish haircut for men has come back in a big way. A lot of men are stepping outside of the box and moving away from the typical cut of "short on the sides and back, with some texture on top". I have put together some pictures of hairstyles for men that I think are very current for the fall. While, they're not all "MadMen" influenced, it'll give you a good idea on where the trends for men's cuts are going.
I've even convinced one of my most conservative male clients (lawyer), to grow his hair out a bit, so that his natural curl shows. He wasn't sure at first, but when he returned for his next appointment, he was all smiles...saying that his girlfriend loved it and he was feeling really good about the cut.
Fall's all about change and renewal. Like fashion, hairstyles are always reinvented versions of the past. Stells and Co's wise words of wisdom: "There's nothing wrong with looking to the past to gain inspiration, to create a look for yourself that's modern and current. "
And unlike Don Draper and associates, I haven't been drinking bourbon all day to stir my creative juices!

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