Sunday, October 25, 2009

Girl crush #2- Rachel Bilson

Ok,so my first girl crush is January Jones. The second spot goes to Rachel Bilson.
What I love about Rachel:
-her HAIR! LOVE the lighter ends, with the darker roots. Looks amazing on her.
-her fashion sense....she always looks great.....without looking trashy. (there's enough girls in Hollywood looking like trash-bags these days)
-her designs for DKNY didn't suck! I actually really liked most of the collection she created.
-she has good taste in men. Hayden....he's just my type.
-her smile, (cheesy I know), but she has a great smile.

So, that's all I can say about my girl Racheal, right now. I have to get my face on and go to work. I have not one, but TWO brides to do today, so I better get on it! Enjoy your Sunday!!!



  1. She is so cool!!! I think I have a little crush for her too!!!

  2. Pretty , and has a geat style about her

  3. she soes have such amazing style..i love her hair



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