Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So, last night I went to Sephora with a gift certificate that I received for my birthday. I was extra thrilled because I thought that I had lost the g/c. (My b-day is in July, so that's a long time to go without).
I bought two items that I have wanted for a long time. For most make-up mavens, these products are nothing new. However, for many.....they are trusted "gems".

The first is Urban Decay's eye primer.

I've wanted this product for a long time, and I don't really know why I haven't purchased it before now? Anyways, on the packaging, it is stated that it is Urban Decay's best selling product and I can totally see why. No creasing!!!! I'm in love.

The second purchase was a Nars blush in "orgasm". I have friends that have raved about this shade for years. I do really like the colour....I just have to get used to it on me. It is a little more pigmentd then the "springsheen" colour from MAC that I have been wearing for ages.

Maybe I need to start using my Jergens Glow again to get a little more colour in my complexion. I will be making another trip to Sephora soon, to check out all of their holiday packaging that has been released. Can't wait!!!


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