Saturday, December 5, 2009

NYC Randoms- Dec 09

I haven't really posted anything this week.......I know, I'm bad. Futhermore, I am nursing a wee bit of a hangover right now. (From a work party that my sister asked me to attend......boy, can those lawyers drink!) So, this  is going to be a "randoms" post of pics from a trip that I took, with girlfriends, to NYC...... and I promise to that the next couple of postings after this, won't be lame. :)
p.s. I really need some Advil

Ok, this is a given. If you're up for the insanity, it's a great place to find some designer deals. The men's section is really worth a visit for all the chaps out there, looking for ties, jeans etc.

This is my artistic shot. lol
But seriously Marc Jacobs? LOVE him
(Below the ad were tiles made in remembrance of lost loves ones from 9-11. So sad).

This shot was taken while we were walking through Brooklyn. LOVE Brooklyn.
On a side note, we had the BEST brunch in Brooklyn, and for the life of me, I couldn't remember the restaurant's name. Well, I found the card for "Barberry" a couple of days ago. And really, I'm dying to go back.

This is the inside of the restaurant. Love the exposed brick!

Lastly, (this has nothing to do with NYC) but I really miss True Blood. When is season 3 airing?

All pics (except the first barberry), are courtesy of Stells and Co. Yeah!


  1. Love this post!!! Want to go back now already!!!

  2. looks like u all had a great time :=)



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