Thursday, December 10, 2009

What do you think about winter shorts?

There is a definite trend happening with "winter weight" shorts over tights. This look is very popular with various celebs such as, Katie Holmes and Kate Moss.
This look (to me) can be a serious hit or miss. Like the mini-skirt, great looking legs are required. I can see in a tepid climate this look being quite popular, but I can't see a lot of women wearing this look in a real Canadian winter. It's too cold!!! My personal favourite with this look, is black shorts with black opaque tights. You can pretty much wear anything with that combo.
So, let me know.....
What do you think about winter shorts? Hit or Miss?



  1. I remember winter shorts being very popular in '06 when I was teaching English in Europe, so its funy how the trend too some time to take off here. Although, I don't see it as being as popular. I don't mind the shorts if they're a heavy weight material but not fond of the jean shorts.

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  3. A pair wool shorts + ribbed woolen tights for winter = love


  4. i like it but agree hit or miss. i'm trying to pluck up the courage to wear some black top shop denim hotpants with opaques. i think they look good but perhaps a bit too short! definitely works better with darker denim, really not a fan of light denim anything with black. the shorts in the last pic i'm not so keen on, a bit 90s or something!

  5. only if you have great legs and a pair of killer boots

  6. I love this trend! But it's gotta be done spot on.



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