Friday, January 15, 2010

Heidi Montag- People magazine

So, like many of you...I was shocked to see the cover of the latest People magazine. Heidi Montag is featured on the cover, with the headline....."Addicted to Plastic Surgery". She went on record stating that she had 10 procedures in ONE DAY!!! What is wrong with her? To me, she was so cute when "The Hills" first came out. I know that many people, who are really unhappy with a certain feature...get plastic surgery. I know, I get it.... really to each their own. But 10 procedures in one day, after you've already had two surgerys a few years ago? And your only 23!!!! Something is seriously wrong.
Heidi is quoted saying that she plans on getting even larger breasts, (she is currently at a DDD cup) and will get even more procedures as she ages. I really hope that she doesn't get anymore nose jobs.....she's really going to start to look weird.  More importantly, I hope that she seeks therapy to address the real issues at heart. 

This is a picture of Heidi post first nose and boob job. How is her small frame going to support even larger breasts?

Wow, what a difference.
What do you think about the surgerys?



  1. I think she has lost her marbles!!! And I think Spencer may have something to do with it...

  2. i think she's a try-hard. she's already good looking before. the cover looks strange. she should have really stop the madness before she's turning into a younger version of jocelyn wildenstein.

  3. Glad I blog hopped via Cocamia. I think it's sad that a girl that seems to have it going on, with her career, and her man obviously doesn't seem to have it going on with herself. I wonder how her Mom and Dad feel?
    From one hairstylist to another, great post!



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