Monday, January 25, 2010

Old trusted fav- Kiehls blue toner!

I was looking through my skincare products the other day and stumbled upon an old, trusted favourite. At the perfect moment, I might add...because my skin was having a bit of a breakout. It's the "Blue Astringent Herbal lotion", from Kiehls. This toner is great to be used as a spot treatment for any facial areas, where  any blemishes occur.  I wouldn't use this toner if you have really sensitive skin.  It works fine on my normal-to-dry skin, and is really meant for oily skin types. I'm fortunate not to really breakout all that much, but when I do, this is my go to product!


p.s. I just finshed a six-day work week, so that's why I haven't been posting that much.  Taking today for aome much needed R&R!!!!


  1. Great skin tip, love kiehls. Burning the midnight oil? I hear you, we are lucky though aren't we at this time in our business? Wishing you a restful day off!

  2. i have a dry skin as well, will check that one out.

  3. I ♥ Love this toner too. I also adore Kiehls moisturizers and perfume oil in Gardenia. I have oily skin and this toner is divine.




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