Monday, March 22, 2010

High Fashion: Braids and Chignons. Spring/Summer 2010

Today, I attended a "high fashion" hair styling class.  The main focus of the class, was to learn different styling techniques, based on what was featured on the runway for spring/summer 2010 in NYC. Many of these trends will be (in the salon) what are clients are asking for in the next couple of months.
There was a lot of braids and chignons. Classic styles, but all with a modern twist. Of course, I did not remember my camera, (silly me) or else I would have post the exact styles that I did on the mannequin head. (I would literally forget my head if it wasn't attached to me).
So, I am posting pics from the web. These are the closest styles, to the ones that I learned today.  All totally wearable and so feminine.
I love updating my skills each season, with educational classes and is truly a great feeling to walk away from a class feeling re-inspired. As beauty professionals we NEED this!
Spring 2010 will be all about the "braid", and what you can do with it!



  1. So Pretty! Glad that we are heading into a more relaxed and natural approach to styling hair with the techniques of a strong foundation. Glad you enjoyed your class!

  2. the braid is here foor another season, I love them xo

  3. just loving the hair!! so much really loving the fact that it's here with us for spring!



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