Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sophie Dahl- Cookbook

Lately, I've been re-inspired to start cooking again. Always on the quest to make and indulge in heatlhy food, that tastes good. So, I was absolutely delighted when one of my favourite friends gave me a cookbook! This isn't just any cookbook, it's written by Sophie Dahl. (Do you remember her as a model?) I adore Sophie, she was refreshing to the world of modeling and her cookbook seems to have the same feeling.
It is organized by season, with great pictures and easy to follow steps. I can't wait until my next day off, so I can test out one or two dishes!
So, next time your in a book store, look for "Miss Dahl's voluptuous delights".


  1. I love a new cookbook, currently reading the "Kind Diet," Alicia Silverstone. The Pesto/Artichoke crostinii appetizers were my dinner last night. can't wait to read this one.



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