Friday, April 30, 2010

Shopping in the UK

My Mother and one of my sisters are travelling to the UK in about a week. Since I am not going with them, I am giving my sister money and printed out pics of the sort of stuff that I want her to pick me up. I LOVE the selection of clothing and accessories from some of my favourite stores there. Here's a few things from one of those stores, "New Look".

You like? I do, and I'm very envious of all the great finds she will be purchasing over there! I hope that she remembers me...hint, hint!



  1. I LOVE, not like!!! You have such a great eye for really pretty things! Happy Weekend...xo

  2. that lace bag is gorgeous! and those bangles! i definitely LIKE!


  3. I have been making a bunch of DIY tees with bows and trinkettes like phone #1. So much more cost effective to make it yourself. xo Mish

  4. I am in love with the striped dress. I want it!

  5. i love new look, their stuff is trendy and young at the same time totally affordable! x



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