Monday, June 7, 2010

Iceland pics!

As promised, here is a few of my Iceland pics. My sister and I took a 8hr bus tour, called "The Golden Circle" . The tour took us to several spectacular places outside Reykjavik, waterfalls, geysers etc. Absolutely gorgeous. The landscape is like nothing I have ever seen before.....really a magical place.

p.s. When I was in one of the tourist shops in downtown Reykjavik, they had a t-shirt that said, "Iceland. Don't mess with us...we might not have the cash, but we have the ASH!" Too funny!

Over-view of the city.

Hotel Borg. This is were I'd like to stay the next time I go.

How cool is this lake?

This doesn't even look real!

Best "fish and chips". Organic!


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