Sunday, April 10, 2011

eyeshadows and nails

I recently purchased a 15 shade colour palette from BH cosmetics. (I had never tried anything from them before, but I knew the were popular for their eyeshadow palettes, with like 100 colours on them).

What I LOVED about this 15 colour palette is that you can pick your own shades and textures. I took my time trying to find the perfect combo for me. (Looking back, I did pick too many browns though).

When I received the palette however, I felt that I a few shades weren't true to the colour online. (I know that this may be hard to do, but I did feel a little let down). I really like the consistency of their matte shadows. I found the shimmery ones a little too flaky.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the palette for BH cosmetics. The palette itself is pretty sturdy, and I think that it will take me a while before I finish each shade.  Again, I really liked the concept of choosing your own colours. I would love to hear peoples feedback on BH cosmetics, because I've never had any of their products until now.

I also wanted to show you another look that I did with my nails. I wanted something understated, with a little "rock'n'roll".

What do you think? It's a little "Gwen Stefani", non?
I keep my nails pretty short for work, so this would look better on slightly longer nails....but you get the idea.

nails: Essie "Smoking Hot" (one of my all-time fav)
tips:  Essie "Stealing the scene"


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