Sunday, August 7, 2011

Neulash Eyelash Enhancer

One of my girlfriends from work has the most amazing lashes. When I asked her what her secret was she mentioned that her cousin in Philadelphia had bought her a eyelash enhancing product called Neulash. I couldn't get over the results. I totally thought that she had eyelash extensions, not her natural ones.
So, in September (when I'm in NYC)....I'm definitely going to be picking up Neulash. Maybe I'll post  before and after pics!

Have you ever used this product or one like it?



  1. I've used their brow product 'NeuBrow' and it is isanly good. I had no eyebrows before and tried everything on the market. This not only works, but works fast. I now have 'Brooke Shields' brows!!! Makes for a very happy girl that used to look like a hamster! Lol. Trying their NeuLash now! : )))

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