Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Two new products that I'm loving right now....

As a beauty product addict ,I love to experience as many lines as possible. Whether its makeup, nail or haircare I'm always looking for new products to test and review.  Two such products that I'm into right now, are "MesmorEyes" False lashes, and Nutra Nail "Smudge Repair".

Mesmoreyes are hand knotted false eyelashes, that are light weight and feathered for a natural look. What I particularly like, is that each Mesmoreyes package, has step-by-step visual instructions on the back, for an easy application. I love that they have made them really simple to apply. Not to mention, that I found them lightweight and easy to remove. Big bonus, because I hate ripping lashes off my eyes.

The other product is Nutra Nail "Smudge Repair". Now this I was especially excited to try. I am the Queen of smudging my nail polish, so there isn't a better suited product for me. It also really works! This product is designed to literally brush away smudged, smeared or dented polish. I found it really easy to use. I just brushed it over my polish "booboo" until it was smooth again. I found that the key is, is to use the Nutra Nail "Smudge Repair" will the nail is still wet.  For larger smudges, use a small drop of colour over the dent and brush the smudge repair over the entire nail until smooth.

Both of these products can be found at http://www.farleyco.ca/ 
FarleyCo marketing Inc, is a company that has provided premium and unique beauty/health care products to Canadians, since 1989. Check out their blog at http://farleycobeauty.wordpress.com/  or on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/user/farleycomarketing


disclaimer: these products were sent to me without charge.

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