Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baylis and Harding

Next time that you are looking for a thank you and/or Hostess gift....or simply wanting to treat yourself to something that smells heavenly, make sure to check out Baylis and Harding.

Baylis and Harding  can be found mainly at Walmart. Made in England, this product line carries a beautiful assortment of lotions, hand washes and shower gels.....not to mention luxurious bath foams.
I was lucky enough to try the Lavender and  Lilac hand wash and lotion, as well as, the Sweet Mandarin foam bath and shower gel.

Royal Bouquet (Lavender and Lilac), smells amazing. Like a little touch of the English countryside. I am a big fan of Lavender and its relaxing properties, so naturally I loved this line. I found the hand lotion very moisturising, which will be great come fall/winter.

The Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit line I found (at first) quite surprising. I expected to smell a strong overpowering citrus scent..... but instead I experienced a softer, creamer mandarin and grapefruit scent. Actually, quite divine! The foam bath is quite luxurious and I can't wait until my next evening bath with this line.

If you'd love these products already, or want to learn more....check out this facebook page


disclaimer: products sent to me without charge

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  1. These are great products, thanks for sharing :)



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