Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall Make-up Must Haves!!!!! 2009

Fall is here ladies, and we might as well embrace it!
Time to go through your make-up bages and get rid of any old/crusty make-up, (I know it's in there), wash your make-up brushes (should be done at least once a month) and switch from "summer mode" make-up, into fresh fall colours.
So the must have for fall 2009 are:
Heavy liner is in this season. Use a black kohl for a smudged out look....or liquid for a more defined wing-tip.

Great for a fresh-faced look , that's not too "done".  Aveda discontinued my favourite in "Peach Lights". Any suggestions on a new replacement...make-up lovers????                                                              
The makeup application is still dramatic and glamorous, but the colours are softer. Try colours, instead of shades of greys and blacks
Make-up artist Dick Page, says that "the colour red instantly illuminates your complexion". He's right! Find a shade that works for your skintone. As a staple, every woman should have their own "killer red" lipstick handy and ready to go.

photos: Harpers Bazaar US

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