Monday, September 14, 2009

Megan Fox, Victoria Beckham

Ok, so TIFF"s on right now....(Toronto International Film Festival, for those of you who don't know) and celeb fever is in the air. Here's a pic of Megan Fox in Toronto, for her film "Jennifer's Body". Even though I'm not a big fan of her's, I have to say that she looked really good.
One of my girlfriends mentioned to me that Megan Fox has really werid thumbs. So, of course I googled them to see how weird her thumbs are. Now, in fairness to Megan, I don't know if this pic has been digitally altered....but she does have a little "hammer-time" on her thumb. I guess were not all perfect after all!
Speaking of not perfect. Victoria Beckhan was in New York recently, promoting her fall collection. Sometimes Posh wears an outfit, that has me thinking what the f@#k? This is one of those outfits. Posh, you of all people should know that hooker boots never look good on a classy lady!
Here's a pic of a few of her dresses from her line.
She should have worn one of these. The black would have looked great on her.

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  1. What the F@#K is right!!! What was she thinking!!!



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