Friday, September 25, 2009

New York part 1- Bleecker st

In November, I'm off to NYC with some of my favourite gal pals. We've travelled several times to New York, each time was a total blast. This time will be no exception. Some of my favourite experiences in NYC have been on Bleecker Street.
This is were I purchased my first pair of Marc Jacobs sunglassses. (Marc, by Marc Jacobs to be exact).
I think that this trip I will pick-up another pair. Can't wait!!!

Then, I will be on my way to Magnolia Bakery. The best cupcakes!!! Katie Holmes used to bring Suri there, when she was acting on Broadway.  There is usually a huge line-up, but seriously worth the wait.

After, my sugar high....I will continue to walk down Bleecker Street, (with my friends and a large latte) to check out all the other boutiques.... in search of a new handbag. Fall is the most exciting time of the year to be in New York. The energy is amazing and there's something out seeing the leaves change that reminds me that change can be good. Change can be very good.


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