Friday, October 9, 2009


Kate Moss does it again. Even though she has her own perfume line, she still manage to do an amazing job of fronting the latest fragrance from YSL: Parisienne. The advertising is so seductive that I had to experience the scent for myself. Being that I am such a fan of their previous scent....YSL Elle...I wasn't sure if I would like Parisienne as much......but let me tell you that I do! I have found my new fall scent. I have always been a fan of a perfume that has an updated version of Rose in it. No old-lady scents here, thanks.
I read recently that the inspiration for the fragrance was what we North Americans call the "walk of shame", see in Paris if you were scene walking home the next morning from an apparent "midnight rendezvous", you'd be greeted with smiles instead of  judgemental glances. The French always have seemed so open about their sexuality and if you have seen the commerical for this frangrance, you'll know what I' talking about. I really think that it is time that I take a trip to France. I'll wear this scent in the mean time and have my own little piece of Paris!!


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