Monday, April 12, 2010

Amazing shoe store

My internet is finally up and running, after a week of it not working. So, I'm finally able to post again!
I was in Montreal over Easter weekend, (I love that city) and stumbled upon many great stores. I love Simons, a super cool department store.... with locations only in Quebec. I bought an amazing necklace and earrings well as a couple tops. I was surprised to discover that Simons doesn't have a shoe section. I found that a little odd. Anyways, speaking of shoes.... I did venture into a store on St-Denis that had an amazing selection of flats, heels and boots. "Scarpa" has two locations, one on St-Denis and the other on Sherbrooke. I wasn't able to find a website....pretty sure that they don't have one. But next time you're in Montreal, seriously check out this store. I could have done some serious damage if it wasn't for my boyfriend literally taking my hand and leading me out of the store! :)


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