Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dry Shampoo for Curly Hair

Everyone seems to be a fan of "dry shampoos" these days. But really? Who can blame them? As stylists, we tell our clients not to wash their hair everyday..... especially if it is colour treated. It's really hard for a lot of women not to wash their hair everyday, if that's what they're used to. Enter, dry shampoos.
I recently became excited when I was in the drugstore and noticed a "waterless foam shampoo" for curly hair. Finally I thought, something that I could scrunch in that would re-activate the curl, and take out the grease and build-up. Not to mention, at drugstore prices too!

I have to say that I do like "Tresseme's waterless foam shampoo" for curly hair. It has a nice citrus scent and is formulated with witch hazel and aloe vera, to keep the hair clean and soft. They also have a spray shampoo for straighter hair.

Another dry shampoo that was recommended to me was "Batiste". Now, the drugstore by my house doesn't carry it, so I will be on the look out for this product.

The packaging looks a little 80's, but I have co-workers that swear by the stuff. What dry shampoo's do you swear by?



  1. Sounds like a great product! I must get it today...xo

  2. i've been looking into dry shampoo's for a while and now i find there's one for curly hair AND at drugstore prices?! thanks for sharing this, you're now my new favourite person!


  3. I had a chuckle when I saw that Batiste 80's dry shampoo. Right now I'm using Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo, doesn't leave white marks & smells great.



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