Friday, May 7, 2010

Les Amours Imaginaires

"Les Amours Imaginaires", is a film that was previewed at the Cannes film festival. I believe the wide-spread release date for the film is mid-June, (but don't quote me)! The trailer... which I tried to post, but was having trouble with.... is very stylish. Even though there's hardly any dialect shown between the main characters, one can tell that this a passionate film, filled with love and obsession. I really can't wait to see this it.
On a side note, I really like the three main characters hair in this film. The female has a very "Mad Men" thing going on and both of the male leads have great haircuts. You can see by the poster above, that the men's hair is very current. Hair, another reason that I have to see this film. Go figure!



  1. Really would like to see this! Thanks for the info! Happy Weekend...xo

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