Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Adora- Kat Von D

I had written about Kat Von D's latest perfume, "Adora" in an earlier post.......Not so much about the actual fragrance, (hadn't smelt it at the time) but more so, about how I liked the makeup, her red hair and the Gothic feel to the ad.
I was in Sephora today and noticed that Adora comes in a rollerball size....... Perfect! Now, I don't have to feel guilty about spending roughly $75 on myself (for a full-size bottle), when I'm supposed to be holiday gift shopping for others.
The rollerball was a win-win situation.
The notes in this fragrance include: lychée, boysenberry, thyme, cassis, hyacinth, jasmine, mango, patchouli, sheer musk and amber wood.
Adora is available exclusively at Sephora.



  1. I love her look too. Wish I could get away with bold lips and smokey eyes at the same time...



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