Friday, January 14, 2011

MAC lipglosses

It's been a while since I've posted about any new makeup purchases.  Mainly because December was a write off with all the shifts I was working at the salon.
But it;s a new year, so lets start it off right!
I went to MAC recently with Cocamia , and picked out a few lip glosses that I'm super pumped about.

The first sheer nude on is a "Cremesheen Glass", in "Boy Bait". I love it because in is super glossy, but very sheer...just a hint of that sexy nude colour.

The second on is a "Kissable Lipcolour" in "Exxxhibitionist". (Love the name). It's part of the "peacocky" launch and it definitely has much more pigment than the cremesheen line.

Last is a oldie but goodie. Just a regular "Lipglass", in "Pink Poodle". I've bought this one the pop of I thought that I would treat myself to this one again!!!
What did you buy on your last MAC run???

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