Monday, June 20, 2011

UK beauty goodies...

So, I been back from Glasgow for about a week now...but once you're back at work, vacations seem like lifetime ago.
I didn't make it to Superdrug, (tear) but I did end up in this is what I picked up.

First off, I do have a slight nail polish "obsession" I was thrilled to see that "Models Own" have their own nail polish collection. I love this line....I picked up the red colour for my good friend Cocamia, and the other two for myself. I have yet to try the black "shatter" effect. (That will be my next manicure). Very excited.
Ok, so I'm a big fan of dry shampoo. Especially "Batiste". I tell my clients (who wash their hair everyday) to purchase this. That being said, I have only seen two scents of Batiste in Canada...original (love) and tropical (not so much). I was beyond thrilled to see other scents such as "boho" and "diva". The larger bottle is dry shampoo with a hint of colour. There wasn't one for redheads, so I picked up the brunette.

I also picked up a lip colour from No7. This is from their collaboration with lipstick guru Poppy King. it goes on pretty sheer which I love...I wish that I had bought more!
Thanks to all the UK beauty bloggers for your suggestions...they came in very handy!


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  1. Good finds! Never tried that dry shampoo, will have to give it a whirl sometime.



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